Fiesta of the month: SEPTEMBER 2016

Owner: Brandon Reynolds





Bought the car when it was 6 months old, the previous owner didn't respect the car at all, it has little bumps and dents all around the body work, including major scratches all down one side of the car, so I spent my first year of owning the car sorting it out back to show room standards

year 2 of owning the car I done my first mod which was only a set of wolf race alloysA year later from putting on my first set of alloys I had then added all splitters round the car, front, side, rear diffuser, winglets and brows. Next stage I did was my milltek exhaust and a mountune induction hose, finally followed up by leaving it with James from X1Automotive for 5 days to wrap it in the Blue/ purple iridescent shift effect wrap ! Powder coated gunmetal grey my alloys and added the msport mud guards and also wrapped my steering, centre console and inside door handles!

After that I decided I didn't want to do anything more on the out side incase I over done it, so I moved onto the performance side of things and sent it in for 2 stages with peron/ TK performance! Much more performance to do as I want it up to at least 300 bhp!

Triple R Side skirt splitters


Rear diffuser

Triple R front splitter

Gloss black fog surrounds

Triple R Black Head light brows

Cat Back Miltek exhaust system

Mountune induction hose (yellow)

Blue / purple shift iridescent wrap

ST gel inlays

CEUK Blue interior lights

Multi coloured dress up kit

PERON P2XX Stage 2 +file for 98/99 Ron fuel

Pro Alloy Intercooler Stage 2

ITG Maxogen

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